A mad brainwashing has been penetrated into Japanese society.

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That is propaganda of potassium-40, which is a radioactive isotope of potassium.
As far as I know, the first propaganda was reported by NHK (Japan's government broadcaster) -TV last fall.
The radioactivity of K-40 values and cesium-137 in drinking water and the food were measured with a germanium detector ($about 200,000) for 1 week of some families in Japan and the results were as follows: measured K-40 values from natural resource were higher than those of Cesium 134 or 137 from the Fukushima nuclear plants.
Mysterious values in the case of drinking water were found, for radioactive values of K-40 in some drinking water were totally independent from potassium concentrations which were labeled in bottle.

Almost all K-40 on earth was produced at birth and then gradually decreased with a half-life of 1.2 billion years. The ratio of K-40 vs potassium is 0.012% and the ratio is always constant. Therefore, the radiation activity of K-40 can be calculated by potassium

Recently I astonished that a cheap Geiger counter made in Japan can also detect K-40.
Eighty nine% of K-40 first release beta-ray and then became to Argon. Only 11% of decayed Argon release γray. Moreover, Argon is an inert gas,is not intaken into the body. Why can calculate an easy Geiger counter for total radio activity of K-40?

I could not foresee that the ratio of the intensity of the radiation
of Cs137 and potassium 40 are compared on a daily basis, nowadays many people no longer fear the radioactivity as shown in the title.

Japanese academic circle had no reaction for such situation.
Though I am an old pharmacologist, I am thinking to do my best.
Above mentioned sentence is a simple example.
I suppose there is a big gap between Cs137 and K40 in the biological field.

<<三号機は水蒸気爆発か核爆発か | ホーム | 自然界の放射性物質K-40と人工放射性物質Cs-137は比較できない>>





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<<三号機は水蒸気爆発か核爆発か | ホーム | 自然界の放射性物質K-40と人工放射性物質Cs-137は比較できない>>